Is Vaping Dangerous?

Answer: It doesn't fucking matter. Many things are sold to us that are deadly; cars, alcohol, guns, cigarettes, lawnmowers etc. We can buy ridiculously dangerous things easily and conveniently. If you wanna vape, smoke an e-cig, drip, whatever; you should have the right to do it. As of yet there is no conclusive evidence that vaping has dire long term health related consequences, and common sense would dictate that even if electronic cigarettes do slightly negatively impact your health, they're still not as dangerous as cigarettes, cigars and chewing tobacco. So vape your fucking ass off if you want to, you only live once and if it's something you truly enjoy like me then no one should be able to make you do otherwise. I love that the industry is growing cause its an awesome example of what human and free-market innovation is capable of. It's like watching a baby industry grow into an adult in front of your eyes

For more information and to learn more about vaping you should check  out forums like the E-Cigarette forum, The Vaping Forum and Vaping Underground

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