On Missing Out

The feeling of "missing out" - doing things you wish you could do, or could've done. Only, she has already done it with someone else who is dirty and inferior. And now you're both older, to the point that you have responsibilities that won't allow you to just get away and do those things; among many other reasons. Even if you could have those experiences, it wouldn't be the same, especially not for her since it's not her first time and the novelty is just not there anymore. At this point she would just be doing it "for you". Those moments you would kill to have were given to any random scumbag that happened to be passing through her life at the time. What a shame. No, I've never had sex on a beautiful beach, but thanks for letting me know that you have, love of my life; with a filthy Jamaican peasant street hoodlum that likely had HIV nonetheless. The perfect person to give that moment to. I never in my life thought I was capable of such uncontrollable jealousy.

And you talk about marriage and having children with me. How laughable. As if I would give you the rest of my life when I can't have the best years of yours, because you gave these moments to sub-human males. I'll tell you what sweetie, if we're together when I'm 85, maybe I'll put a ring on it. Maybe.


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