A Woman That's Slept With a Lot of Men Can Never Truly be Yours - Don't be The Last Man Standing

She's given out pieces of herself to so many men, what can possibly be left for you? Do you really want to be the last man in a long line of cocks that ends up wifing up the leftovers? And ironically, as if the world is playing some kind of joke on you, she expects more from you then she expected from the inferior men before you. At the same time, she gave the best parts of herself to the men that respected her the least. Yet she wants you, the man that will take care of her; the superior man, to show her respect now. Even though you get not quite the best attitude accompanied by a "not as tight as it used to be" body. When in reality, she should be worshiping the fucking ground you walk on for even accepting the rotting carcass she's offering you. 

She doesn't know that every time you fuck her you're thinking to yourself, "god, so many dirty cocks have been in this thing". The cocks of criminals, the cocks of scumbags, the cocks of pedophiles, the cocks of rapists, the cocks of degenerates, the cocks of sub-humans. How many times has she disgraced her race?

But it's okay, because she's not like that anymore. In other words, she doesn't like to have fun anymore. Which translates to; even though you're the best man that's probably ever been in her life, she's gonna just now be old and boring when she should want to share all those fun things with you. You give her the most and she brings forth the least.


Anonymous said...

This blog is fucking clown shoes.

Anonymous said...

Please get help. Psychiatric help. You sound like a very troubled individual.

*** ******** said...

nah bro keep spitting the truth.

*** ******** said...

ignore these haters.

Anonymous said...

That was almost me back in the day when I was 19 years old in the military stationed in Guam. I fell in love with this 22 year old stripper chick, been seeing her at the club for three days a week for six weeks. I didn't know if she genuinely liked me, or liked me because I was paying her. Looking back on it now, I can see it was the later. But seriously man, I thought this girl was the hottest girl I've ever seen in my life and I was having thoughts of wifing this bitch up and I did ask her, but I didn't get down on my knees and beg. She said no, and I was grateful she was upfront about it.
Funny thing is, every time I went to the back room with her for a private lapdance/blowjob/makeout, she would tell me, "I don't usually do this." or "I haven't been with that many guys, honest." Point of my story is Plausible Deniability man. Bitches be all about it these days, and I guess they always have been as far as I know.

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