This is Not Sparta

Deep down most men want to be warriors, and in this day and age we're not given that opportunity. Many of us feel lost and unable to make any meaning out of our lives. Do we really even know what we want anymore? We want to be the protectors of our families. We want to fight, live and die for something epic. To be part of a great battle to protect something that defines us, and die fighting for that something. We want to leave this world knowing that we did something that gave us not just meaning, but an identity. And we'll never have that. We're forced to make due and live a trivial existence day in and day out. Some of us scramble to find and grasp onto something, thinking; maybe I can make this what I fight for, maybe this can be my battle. But there's no meaning to anything anymore. Everything just merely exists. We just give each other existentially awkward looks. Like, "what the fuck is this?" What are we supposed to do here? We don't need to hunt. We don't need to build shelter. Sparta doesn't need to be protected from the Persian army. What am I needed for? I'm not needed for anything. We, are not needed for anything; not anything worth being needed for anyway.


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