Why Calling Someone Racist Means You're an Idiot

    I can't stand it when a person calls another person a racist or "ignorant" when they act a certain way or call someone certain words. Why? Because when you call someone racist, you're pretty much saying, "the reason for which you hate this person is stupid or not viable.", because, you know, there are much better reasons to hate someone. You're essentially pointing out that one should have a deeper, more fundamental reason to hate someone besides the color of their skin or what race they belong to, like how dumb they are, or the fact that they can't do something very well. Don't hate someone because of the color of their skin, hate them because they drive 10 mph slower than the speed limit. You're an asshole because you hate that person for being Asian, better to hate them because they called you a bad word instead. For fuck's sake, hate is hate and it's always bad, always. I have a secret for you retards, objectively speaking; there is never a good reason to hate someone and calling someone racist even if they are racist makes you sound like a fucking Muppet that can't think for him or herself. 

That's all, good day.


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