Writing For Your Audience

It helps to know who your audience is first. I'm fairly certain all types of people end up on my blog, it doesn't matter much to me because I write for myself. This blog is ultimately a medium for me to put down ideas, thoughts and advice.

But, you have a blog that has a purpose. You need to place your self in the mind of who you think is reading what you have to say. What is it they are looking for when coming to your site? What is keeping them there? Why did they leave? What did they search for that led them here?

If you feel lost maybe you can use tactic that has always worked for me when I felt like I was losing my voice. Just think of something that irritates you(shouldn't hard at all), then write about something that annoys you. Your voice tends to come out when you're mad about something. Close your eyes and understand how you, the writer, would like to articulate your complaint about something.

I guess the point of this post was that you should just write for yourself instead of trying to please readers. After all, this should be therapy and not a chore.

Find your voice and they also will find your voice.


Sean Rasmussen said...

The main point of having a blog is self expression. Most bloggers tend to forget this and add more monetization techniques just to earn! A sustainable income will follow once you create a solid base for your blog. Keep this up!

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