It Just Doesn't Stop

I try being the good guy, I really do. I have trust issues, but who doesn't? After meeting countless people in our lives that try and take advantage of us, who wouldn't be a little cynical? 

I live in Vegas, so consider this little fact. Every time a girl agrees to go out with me, I or maybe we(I'm sure I can't be the only guy who goes through this, at least I pray I'm not) have to run through a list of possibilities for why this girl is going with me. Does she actually like me? Does she want something from me(not monetary)? Does she want money from me? Is she a prostitute? Depending on how attractive she is, how many hundreds of guys am I currently competing against and is it worth it? Is she crazy? How much of a pretender is she? If she has a kid, are there gonna be problems with the dad? Since, very rarely are there not. Is she just trying to get a free dinner out of this?

And that's just the list I can come up with right now, without actually being out with a girl.You may be thinking, fuck dude you're paranoid! And I know this. But also consider this. All of these questions are borne out of actual experiences. And I'm not even a player. I probably go out with an average number of girls. I can only imagine the fucking insanity that above average men go through. The guys that go out with women all the time and are constantly playing the game. I admire their persistence, but frankly, the pursuit, in the end is just not worth it anymore. And not just for me, but for many of the men in my generation. Even the best case scenario is not worth it. It really isn't. It's no wonder I keep noticing the best bachelors going to other countries and coming back with gorgeous and humble wives. I'm not saying I'm gonna do this, because I don't really wanna get married, but if I was going to get married, American women, at this point, are simply not even in the equation anymore.


Little Missy Me said...

you really think like that?! interesting. good to know the other side think about stuff like that too.

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