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     So 2012 isn't going as great as I had hoped. Spring semester in school was very unproductive. I failed a class and as a result there is a chance that my financial aid might be cut off. I'm really starting to get sick of Las Vegas and want to either move back home with my parents or move out of this country. But, to move out of this country I need a way to make money from anywhere, so until I get lots of work writing or start a business that I can run from a computer I'm stuck in the USA. I've made lots of mistakes, most of them financial mistakes, and I think this year they are going to catch up to me. From the little things like where I'm gonna put my car if I don't sell it to big things like how I'm gonna make a living and still leave this place to move overseas. Anyone have any ideas?

Here's the plan right now:

Currently I'm studying to get my Series 65 license so I can hopefully become an Investment Adviser Representative. Because my passion lies in the stock market. I love being on the front lines of Capitalism and intend to use my powers (after I acquire them) to help the little guy. My strategy is gonna be super aggressive so you won't wanna give me your money if you don't have a high tolerance for risk lol. Anyway, I'm also starting a social media management company, so stay tuned for that. I'm gonna only focus on Twitter and Facebook because quite honestly there's way too much out there and spreading yourself too thin as a small business is just a waste of time.

If you're also in the social media management business feel free to give me some tips. Or, if you'd like to get into it yourself and need some help I'm always here so feel free to email me. I'm not an expert, but hey; the "experts" are also not experts lol.


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