Are You Buying Stocks in This Market?

Wall Street has been getting killed the past few weeks. But part of me is happy abuot this. I think this is a great time to buy. I don't have much money in my portfolio (less than $10,000), so most of my purchases are non-commission ETF's through Ameritrade and Scottrade. Honestly, I can't believe more people don't take advantage of the opportunity to buy ETF's for no commission. For someone with a small portfolio, commissions make it really hard to beat the house, like the rake in a poker game, so every month I buy one or two shares of an ETF that I already have shares in. In my Scottrade account my ETF list is FFL(financial etf), FTQ(technology etf), FBM(Basic materials etf) and FMM(mid-cap etf). In Ameritrade I own three ETF's which are VTI(Total market etf), VYM(High yeild etf) and VWO(emerging markets etf).

Now some of my purchases depend on what's been happening in the markets. For example, if financials continue getting destroyed than I'll buy more FFL shares. And Instead of buying Apple shares I like to buy FTQ because Apple is the largest holding in that ETF. 

I do have certain stocks that I own also. I have Bank of America shares that I bought at $7.48 per share and I'm hoping that shares go down to about $4.25 and I'll buy more. I also hold Telefonica(TEF) and Seadrill(SDRL) which aren't doing very well I'll admit. But when I bought them it was mainly for their dividends and I'm planning on holding for at least 5 years.

I think in the end things will get a bit better and equities will benefit from this. But don't hold me to that prediction. I mean no one really knows anything.


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