How to Invest With Very Little Money

It takes money to make money. But what about if you have very little to no money? There are ways to work the system without being gouged. You see, small investors are the ones that get screwed the most because we have no pull. We pay commission Government. No matter what they tell you, the United States doesn't have a free market system.

Back to the point. Here's how you can start building a sizable portfolio without getting screwed too badly. The first thing you need to do is open an account with a brokerage that provides no-commission ETF's. I like Scottrade the most so far, mainly because the ETF's they have are still cheap compared to companies like Vanguard and Ameritrade. Also, when you're ready to trade stocks or options, their commission is only $7, which is pretty cheap for people buying small amounts at a time and they have no account minimums or inactivity fees. But with this approach you can't just sit still. Every month you have to go in and buy what ETF you want and however many shares you want of it. Also make sure to set up an automatic deposit. I do mine monthly for $50 at a time.

My plan with this approach is to buy one or two shares of different ETF's every month(shares of FBM, FFL and FTQ) and just let them sit there until my total account value is over $10,000. then I'm going to start trading options and even consider getting into Forex. Keep in mind that this approach is aggressive and risky, not just the options and Forex part, but even the ETF part since you're keeping your entire balance in equities essentially, but there are bond equities you can choose from also to take the edge off if you so choose. But for us that don't have millions to invest, I'm an advocate of risky behavior on the verge of straight up gambling, because; make no mistake about it, the deck is stacked against us.

So decide what you want to do and research the different ETF's that are provided. There are a lot of choices out there.

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