How do People Deal With Mediocrity?

Im 28 yrs. old, and I'm starting to understand more and more that even the best lives are just mediocre. This is the curse of our existence. We, as human beings, are doomed to a life of "just mediocre" that eventually trails into a pathetic and painful old age and then death. My question is though, how do people deal with this absurdity? Not only do people deal with it, but many choose to consciously have offspring so that they can also suffer the same fate. Why? I don't understand. How can we be so calm all the time? The best your life is ever going to get is mediocre. Why are we not doing completely stupid and ridiculous things besides trying to make money and destroy everything. You people are fucking robots. Why don't you wake the fuck up and realize that you're going to die someday and say fuck it all. Fucking cowards!


John said...

They read your blog lol!

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