What I Will do For $5

I just signed up for a Fiverr.com account and this is the first gig I posted. I thought I might as well post it to the blog since it involves this blog.

So, for $5 I will link to your site or blog on the main page of this blog FOREVER. Also, I will tweet your link on Twitter a couple times and $1 out of every $5 will be given to The Animal Foundation in Las Vegas, so part of it is for a good cause, many animals at this shelter need blankets and treats for this winter. After I get my first link I will take down the big google Adsense ad at the top right of this site to make room for all your links and to make sure they're visible.

So tweet me or email me if you're interested, thanks and have a great day.

Here's the link to my Gig


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