Student Loan Forgiveness

There are rumors going around that a student loan forgiveness program of some sort may be put in place by the Obama administration. I'm not too well informed on how close they are to doing this or exactly what the limitations or policies will be. But I do know that, as a student, I would like to see something get done. Students and families are getting taken advantage of by the lenders and by the schools. I say the schools because they over charge for educations that are simply not worth it. You pay a certain amount of money to go to college and graduate  but the job you're gonna get, or what you get out of that college, is not worth that sum of money. I know lawyers that make less than $30,000 per year. I've met homeless MBA's and doctors that have to close their practices. So either lower the cost of your worthless education or make it easier to pay for it.


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