How do People Get Pictures For Their Blog Posts?

Many blogs put pictures in most or all of their posts. I usually find pics free by Googling images that are free to use for everyone. But, usually there is a very limited selection. How do bloggers find all these perfect pictures to put in posts? Is there some kind of like secret or something to finding these pictures. There is no way every blogger is taking the pictures themselves and uploading them for every post they write. Right? Right?


Mantramine said...

Well, I don't scope out the free images, I just wade through google images for-like-ever until I find the right one. If I think it's arty and needs a photo credit - I throw that in to nod to the source.

and that's it

Paty M said...

Yup I take some depending on the topic but google most and always mention the url from which i got the photo, u never know what photo needs credit or not! U gotta spend some quality time googling :p

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