When You Want What You Can't Have.

    Our insatiable appetite for more. Maybe I'm overly dramatic, but for me, when I see someone or something I'm probably never going to have, it's torture. It constantly reminds me of how unfair life is. And maybe, yeah, one can't have everything, but I frankly don't care. I want everything. Seeing someone driving a car I would kill for or a gorgeous girl that will never give me the time of day is the essence of existential suffering for me, if that even exists. The suffering involved is almost undetectable. The nothingness of life is brought out and even when you are evolved enough to notice and understand it, you can't hold on to it because it will destroy you . This sounds superficial and materialistic, but it's not, because it represents and touches a much deeper existential emptiness. The only solace one receives from this agony is that of knowing what most will never even begin to know.


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