Really Al?

    So... according to PETA's blog, Al Gore is not vegan. As a matter of fact, he's not even vegetarian. The meat industry is one of the worst things for the environment, not to mention it's morally wrong and pretty unhealthy. Although he is free to eat rotting flesh if he chooses; maybe leading by example would at the very least be good PR? No?


Lauren said...

i work on an organic farm, we also have pasture fed 'organic' chickens... nothing unhealthy or immoral about how they're farmed. they fertilize our fields too, in turn actually benefiting the environment. go organic :)

Jimmy said...

That's awesome Lauren, but from a consumer standpoint, there's no way a person like me would be able to confirm that every piece of chicken I buy from a store is raised and killed humanely, unless I do it myself like Mark Zuckerberg lol. After all, regular meat is supposed to be killed humanely also, but it only takes that one human bashing a baby cow in the head with a sledge hammer to ruin it, so as a general rule, if something involves humans, one can be pretty sure there's gonna be at least some wrongdoing. And even if there isn't, better to give the animals the benefit of the doubt. Also, the statement made by not eating meat in and of itself is enough for one to not eat meat and for the most part "organic" is just a label to make people feel better. From an animal rights standpoint, we have to push a mile to get a yard. But organic is probably the lesser of the evils.

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