Eventually This has to End, Right?

    In Vegas, road construction doesn't seem to end. I mean, what the fuck! It's mind boggling. It never ends Every time a job gets done, they set up shop on some other busy ass fucking highway. In the middle of the day during the fucking work week, they will constrict the 15 freeway(which is the main freeway in Vegas) down to like 2 fucking lanes. What fucking psycho is authorizing this bullshit and why are we obeying some fucking petty construction workers and not just moving their stupid ass little cones and driving wherever the fuck we want? They can't arrest all of us. How are so many people okay with someone wasting their time? Oh, go here? Okay, sure, whatever you say mister illiterate construction worker that just got out of prison and is making $10 an hour. Like, huh?!


Mrs. Pickle said...

That's how it is in Utah and I am fucking over it!

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