Zombieland and a Short Rant

    I've watched Zombieland three times now and it never gets old. I love the playfulness of the movie and I would love to be in the situation the main characters are in. Also, Woody Harrelson is the best, he is vegan and a fucking bad ass. People often tend to think people who care for animals are soft and peaceful. But there are people like myself that care for animals but will still murder a motherfucker. For some reason people assume that because I love animals, I love all life and would never take a life. This makes me a hypocrite because I love all non-human life and rarely give a shit about the suffering of other human beings. Mainly because the world would be a better place without us. I don't explain this to people that comment to me some stupid shit like, "You'd rather help animals instead of worry about human ailments and tragedies." or something along those lines. Don't argue with a Nihilist that destruction is bad, it won't get you anywhere. 


Not who I will be said...

I hardly ever cry for human death in movies, but kill an animal and I'm bawling. I was watching this show Game of Thrones last week and in one episode this guy gets pissed because he lost a joust and chops the head off of his horse. I couldn't bear to watch.

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