May 21st: The End of The World

I'm sure most of you have heard the rumor that the end of the world or rapture, is coming on May 21, 2011. I have so much to say about this and it would take a lot of writing to go through everything. But, I want to just say that I don't think this absurd claim should have been given any mention by anyone so that: 1. They don't get any attention. 2. Their opinions and claims are never given any credibility.
The world is going to end someday, so even if these lunatics are right tomorrow, they still wouldn't be right, and it would still have nothing to do with the rapture or Jesus or any religion for that matter, it would just be the end. Believe it or not, we are not a big deal. The universe wouldn't even notice were we to disappear and our pretentiousness is fucking insulting. Also, eventually someone is going to say the end is here and they're going to be correct, because like I said, the world has to end someday. Furthermore, depending on your viewpoint, the end of the world has already started anyway.


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Thank you for saying this.

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