Plugging a Hole

There's a void within the animal rights community. That void is there due to a lack of violence. You see, it's simple, no one takes animal rights seriously. The ones exploiting, hurting and killing non-human animals don't see a link between the atrocities they are committing and their and their families well being. The guy lighting that dog on fire is not saying to himself, "If an animal rights group finds out what I'm doing, they'll kill me and my whole family.". The owner of the slaughterhouse is not worried that someone might break into his house at night and murder him, his wife and his kids in retaliation for how he makes a living. You will not achieve anything until this hole is filled. Don't you think that if people thought there was a serious threat to their physical safety, they just might think twice? It doesn't even have to be physical. If that same person thought that animal rights supporters could steal their identity electronically, hack into their bank accounts, steal personal information as well as bring down entire corporations through the use of hackers and programmers, don't you think that things would start to change? Throughout human history, almost every major change for better or worse has been the result of violent acts. This is not about violence, vengeance or punishment. This is about treating the innocent like they are innocent.


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