Maybe Some Ignorant Ranting

I kept thinking there was something wrong with me. I'm pretty attractive. Smart. have my shit together for the most part. Why am I single? And just recently I figured it out. It's not that there's something wrong with me. I mean I'm not perfect. Actually I'm deeply flawed just like every human. But I'm a pretty balanced and rational individual compared to most other humans. At the very least I have self  control. Enough about me. What I figured out was that there's something wrong with them. I keep meeting other attractive and somewhat intelligent people that are also single. Constantly and perpetually single. But who the fuck is "them"? The "them" I'm talking about are very hard to pin point as a matter of fact. They are the men that treat these gorgeous women like shit and they are the women that put up with it. "Them" are the women that can't see a great guy right in front of them. A guy that they would make a perfect team with. The guy asking them out randomly. "Them" are the people that are inconsistent with their judgments. "Them" are the people that think they're mature when they are really not, (i.e. the single moms that will not go out with an immature boy even though that "immature" boy didn't make the mistake of having a child and actually has his shit together and has made less mistakes.) or (The guys that think looking like you have money and actually having money are the same fucking thing.). If this is the ocean, then I seriously don't mind being the fucking island.


tvlslp said...


so true...really liking being on my own island than being miserable with one of "them"

Little redhead said...

Very true! THe ocean is a complete mess, so hard to find something good in there.

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