The "Just Doing my Job Excuse"

I can't stand when someone uses this excuse or uses it to explain someone else's action. I was bitching about cops the other day and someone said to me, "They're just doing their jobs". What the fuck kind of reason is that? The Nazi soldiers were "just doing their jobs" when they murdered millions of people. Our troops are "just doing their jobs" when they kill people overseas for no reason. In the capitalist society we live in pretty much everyone is "just doing their job". The robber that stole your shit at gunpoint is just doing his job. The bank denying you credit is just doing it's job. The lazy fat fuck at the DMV that's ignoring you even though you've been waiting in line for two hours is just doing her job. The terrorists could be said to be just doing their jobs. Doing your job is no fucking reason to do anything...unless you're a fucking coward and a pawn.


Allison said...

I see your point - it's not always the best excuse for something. But in Capitalist society, we all have to answer to someone.

Like when a customer tries to bring a dog into my work (a food serving establishment) I have to tell them that they can't do that, it's against the law. While I love dogs, I hate ignorant dog-owners who try to bully me. So I simply say, "it isn't my rule, it's the city, take it up with them."

I don't need to be bitched at over things that are out of my hands. And it will be my problem if my cafe got a fine over it - my boss would likely make me pay the fine.

So while it's easy to call me a bitch for stopping people from doing things (things they aren't allowed to do) it's really not my fault.

I once read a bumper sticker that said, "Hate cops? Next time you're in trouble call a crack head."

Yeah, there are a lot of cops that overstep their authority (look at Toronto's G20 for example), but I've had to call the police before and felt safer for it.

Everyone's just doing their job because that is what this economy has forced them to do. We do what we're told because we need the job.

Jill said...

lol I agree! Now take a deep breath and let it out lol :)

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