Like it Was Yesterday

It's going to be December 31, 2010 very soon and I can't believe another year has passed. I still remember celebrating the new year going into 2010. I can't say that it's been a good year and that I stayed true to all of my resolutions but, it has been a very interesting year and I think that does kinda make it a good year. I feel like I've gained so much just by introspection. Looking into myself. While I'm sure that I haven't completely figured myself out yet, I understand life a little better and understand now that there aren't necessarily any rules and that there are no absolutes. It's gonna go by quickly. I think in 2011 I'm going to keep a daily diary just to slow it all down a bit. To quote from the Bible - "Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we shall die." (one of the very few things the Bible actually gets right)


Jill said...

Time goes by faster as you get older it seems. I'd love to keep a daily diary too, i used to all the time when I was younger.

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