Let's Talk Some Shit About Heathrow

The problems at Heathrow airport lately reminded me of my own horrible experience at that airport and with their staff. So...I'm gonna talk some shit now. I was coming back from Beirut and our stop was at Heathrow. Before we boarded the plane I was "randomly" selected to go through one of those new body scanning machines. I put quotes around the word randomly because; well, let's see. I'm going from Beirut, Lebanon to LAX, hmmm that's odd, I was also born in Lebanon which makes me Lebanese, hmmm okay, plus my real name is distinctly middle eastern sounding (like if you read my first name you would instantly assume I was middle eastern.), Then, after the body scanning machine I was called aside for a private and invasive pat down. yeah that's right, a scan AND a fucking pat down. To top all of it all off; being the typical judgmental human being that I'am, the people coordination these, ahem "security" checks all looked like they were of Muslim descent. And, since I do judge people I don't know based on appearance (just like everyone even if they don't want to admit it) the first thing  that went through my mind was, "Great, a terrorist is checking to make sure that I'm not a terrorist." I' am by the way a white, catholic raised American. This struck me as kind of ironic you see. To add to all this fucking bullshit, I have to live with the fact that 20 years from now when those scanning machines are discovered to be cancer causing I will have no recourse. Or, if I get cancer in like 20 or 30 years it will always be in the back of my mind that maybe it was that one time I went through a body scanning machine at fucking Heathrow. Fuck you Heathrow! You will never see my fucking face again!


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