On Bank of America...Part 1

For the past two years, my family and I have been working to get a loan modification from Bank of America. Well, let's just say that two years later; we still don't have our much promised loan modification. Bank of America has had us jump through their hoops, fax documents and sit on the phone with them for hours so that they could "help" us with our mortgage woes. Every month it's something new, we never get to speak to the same people and no two departments seem to communicate with each other. Promise after promise has been made; "you're almost approved", "we just need one more document faxed over", there's a new program we're working on", etc. No one in Bank of America, knows what the fuck is going on, in Bank of America. They approved me for two home loans that I should have never qualified for in the first place, no verification of income needed. I will tell my entire story in the rest of the parts of this post...


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