Can Someone Explain This to me?

Why are humans still being allowed to procreate and not being forcefully spayed and neutered like the filth that they are? There are almost 7 billion humans on Earth and we're leaving entire species and the planet bleeding and on its knees. Isn't it ironic that people such as myself; who understand and vow never to have kids are exactly the kind of people that SHOULD be having kids because we would be teaching them the path to a peaceful and sustainable future where we are part of the planet's community instead of being it's enemy? Meanwhile 99% of humans are breeding without a second thought; thinking they are doing the world and their inferior spawn a favor, when it's actually the worst case of narcissistic selfishness EVER!

Why are people allowed to practice ANY religion at all? Especially since this ridiculous belief in retarded superstitions has cost humankind and the Earth so much progress and is such a huge waste of time, energy, money and lives.

Why do most humans think the human race is something special? We're not special, AT ALL. We're made of the same shit everything else is made of except that our shit was configured differently. We may be better than non-human animals at some things, but not everything. And to all the morons that claim that we're the only ones with souls and/or spirits...grow up.


Anonymous said...

yeh your a dumb fuck, i hope you shuttup and die!

Jimmy said...

You see what I mean?

Andre Lachance said...

damn this is so true. there are religious dumbfucks who love "god" so much that they CANNOT HAVE SEX WITHOUT GIVING BIRTH TO ANOTHER HUMAN FILTH. Seriously, they think anti-conceptional methods or abortion is murder, yet, they DO NOT THINK about the destruction that over-population will do to this planet.

Mantramine said...

Ha! totally see what you mean

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