Stem Cell Reaserch

Some Douche bag judge has stopped federal funding for stem cell research! This research has the potential to cure so many of our ailments and this cocksucker is stopping it probably because of his personal beliefs and under the cloak of justice. You can read about it here. This is completely wrong, we kill and torture billions of innocent and intelligent non-human animals every year, but it's wrong to kill a lump of cells that aren't even conscious or feel any pain? Where does one draw the line? Because with how many sperm cells I kill on a weekly basis I would be classified a fucking mass murderer.

A side bet - I'll give anyone 2 to 1 that this judge is religious.


Megan K Green said...

Totally agree with you. But it does beg the question, where do we draw the line?? There's such a gray area here it's hard to define right and wrong. I think a debate on this topic could go both ways and both have great reasons. It's a hard one to justify either way.

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