My Advice to You

Who cares about debt, corporations don't pay their debts, the Govt. doesn't pay their debts, why should you pay your debts? They can't punish us all, just rack up as much debt as you can and don't pay a dime, they can't do shit to you. Enough is enough. They have made getting ahead in this country so hard that it's nearly impossible. It's a good ol' boy system of thieves and corrupt scum. Everyone is so obsessed with paying off debt. Why? You never truly get out of owing someone. For example, if you pay off your house, you still have to pay our corrupt Government property taxes and other bullshit fees like insurance and housing association. If you pay off your car, you still owe registration and still get tickets and other garbage. Other bills are recurring, like cable, taxes, cellphone, utilities. Our entire system is based on economical slavery and it's destroying the world, exterminating entire species' of animals and producing no progress for humanity as a whole. So like I said, they can't do anything to you if you don't pay, so fuck'em!


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