Dumb And Scared

When someone tells me that they are religious, I pretty much take it one of two ways. I assume that they're either too weak to face life and death themselves, so they are willing to believe ludicrous stories in order to help them get through life and be almost able to be content with death. Or, they are just not intelligent enough to see reality for what it is. They are essentially not evolved enough; don't have the intellectual will to break free and explore and think for themselves. In other words, they are either dumb and gullible, or weak and scared. They are too scared to face the meaninglessness of life and the nothingness of death.
The religious people that believe in reward or punishment(hell & heaven) are essentially good because they think that they will be rewarded for it. They're good because they think they are being watched. What does that say about their true moral character? Almost the entire Bible is devoted to inciting fear. So of course, on inferior humans this tactic is going to work; it even worked on me for a while. But, I think it's time for humanity to grow the fuck up.


Justin Dupre said...

I agree..It's pretty much a time for us to evolve and grow up from it.

Jill said...

I am religious and I don't think I am either dumb, nor gullible.

Anonymous said...

Guess u never took an anthropology class.

Jimmy said...

How is studying humanity gonna disprove how childish and ridiculous religion is? Your comment doesn't even make sense. But, I'll make you a deal, I'll take another Anthropology class, if you take a spelling class.

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