Your Success And Making Money

If you're even a little bit serious about making money, then you've probably heard most of the mantras and advice out there. You know what I'm talking about. The ones about persistence and hard work. The ones that tell you that when you fall you have to get back up and the only way to success is through failure...and so on.
While I do believe that all these things will help you become successful in whatever you want to do, it's beginning to irritate me for the mere fact that people use these qualities like they're plug and play or something. As if, when you follow all these criteria, you will become rich or successful. Most people touting the motivational rhetoric fail to mention that most people will never become rich and retire wealthy. I don't mean to sound negative. But; especially for the motivational speakers out there, I feel that it's important to stay within the realms of reality. Everyone cannot be rich or else capitalism would not exist. And there are a lot more persistent, smart, creative, hard working and talented individuals than there are rich people.
Nonetheless, if one truly want to be successful (I myself would like to at least make $5K per month while not having to work) then one has to implement these qualities and use them without hesitation or effort. Knowing that the odds are against you is what adds to the challenge. Who wants to achieve something that everyone can achieve or already has?
I would like to end by saying that there are certain things that are also important to achieving success (whether it be money, or something else) and that's to not think too much into things and to act like the person you want to be or are going to be. Having a knack for letting things happen is often more important in achieving success than all the other qualities combined and usually ends up being the single catalyst for change in the right direction, in spite of all the hard work and persistence.


Nikita said...

True but it's good to still have optimism...

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