Twenty-Something in Las Vegas

Being a single, twenty-something guy in Las Vegas is not really very easy. Temptation is everywhere. The idea to write this specific post came from my realization that I need to start getting a little more personal writing my blog posts.
So...I've decided to update those of you who care to read on what's gonna be going on in my personal life starting in June. I've been in Vegas for over four years and it's been strange and during this entire time I haven't really had a plan for my life except that I wanted to make money really quickly, emphasis on quickly. I've come to the conclusion that the best way to make money is not to do it quickly because it's really not very feasible for most people; but to do it through self control. Slowly realizing that some of my friends have been passing me by even though I started off faster then most of them is what made me decide to just get my life under control and really start involving myself in new things.
So, in June I'm going back to school for Sociology and at the same time I'm not gonna spend so much money and I will be learning how to trade options; because I know someone that will teach me and it comes with risk and the potential to make money. Plus, it's something I can see myself being interested in forever and that says a lot because I get bored very easily.
Anyway...I will be putting up more posts relating to what I'm learning and where I'm going, as well as random posts about my life and what I'm doing, my thoughts and my questions. And I hope some of you readers will get involved with and maybe learn a little from my experiences. Till next time.


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