Marketing Your Online Business: Making the Most of Free Marketing Opportunities

With the state of the current economy, it is no surprise that many businesses have cut their budgets, including their advertising budget.   Many business make the decision to cut back on their marketing expenses because they feel their business is heading for a downfall if they don’t.  The fact is, it could be, unless they start taking advantage of the free marketing opportunities that are available online.

Social Networking
Social networking sites offer many opportunities to advertise an online business.   Sites such as MySpace and Facebook will require a profile to be filled out.   Business owners should always list their website domain name under their profile and whenever anyone views their page, they will have access to click on the business site.   Facebook also has other marketing opportunities.   A page can be created on the business that anyone can view and become a fan of the business.   It is also a great idea to offer freebies to those people who become a fan of the business. 

Classified Sites
Online businesses should also take advantage of free marketing opportunities in the classified sites.   Many of these sites, such as Craigslist, are visited by millions of people everyday.   After all, everyone likes a good deal.   By listing products or services on these sites, a business can get noticed thousands of more people everyday.  

Discussion Groups and Forums
Discussion groups and online forums are another strategy business owners should be using to promote their business.   Again, When the business owner fills out a profile, they should be sure to include their business website and add it to their signature, as well.   Anytime they post in the forum, their website will be there for all to see. 

Article Marketing
Another great way to market your online business for free is to write and submit articles to some of the various article directories online.   If the business owner does not have time to write the articles or the skills, they will find many web content writers that will provide them with the articles they need to promote their business.   These ghostwritten articles can carry the business owner’s name and all they need to do is put their website domain name in their bio.   The more back links they can create to their site and the more they will increase the traffic to their business website.   

While businesses are cutting back on their advertising, businesses should be doing the opposite.  With competitors out of the limelight, the business owner can get his or her business in the front.  Taking advantage of all of the free advertising on the Internet will soon find their online business getting more traffic than their competitors.  


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