Should Facebook Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy?

What is the successful business owner doing with their business that others are not? Did they just get lucky or is there some secret that they are not revealing? You may be surprised to hear that many of the successful business owners of today are choosing to highlight their businesses on many of the social networking sites, such as Facebook.

With more than 300 million active users on Facebook, those who know anything at all about marketing their business understands what this could mean for their business. Reaching a large majority of their own target market in one place is a rarity, but one that can not be ignored. Not only that, joining Facebook is free, so it also makes it one of the most cost effective strategies they can use in the promotion of their business.

But are there any downsides of putting your business on social networking sites? Not long ago, there was a big controversy over the terms and conditions that Facebook placed upon its users. The terms stated that anything uploaded to Facebook was owned by them. In other words, if a photo or logo was put onto a profile, Facebook became the owner of it. While they soon revoked this term of use, the fact is, it could happen again. For the business owner, it could be a major loss. This, of course, is just one of the disadvantages. There is also a risk of privacy loss whenever you market your business on social sites.

What the business owner must decide is whether or not the advantages are more important to them than the disadvantages. With the potential to reach as many as 300 million users in one place, most will find that this far outweighs the risks involved. But how do you best serve your business on Facebook?

The first thing you must do is create a profile for yourself on Facebook. Choose how much information you want to share with others and make sure you go to the settings to choose who can see the information you provided. Once you’ve created a profile, start your search to add friends to your network. These will be the individuals who can see your posts.

Next, you will need to create a Page for your business. Here, you can name your page the name of your business and set it up to inform the users of Facebook of what your company can do for them. You also will have the opportunity to create a Facebook Group, where individuals can choose to become a Fan of the group.

Of course, this is just the beginning of marketing your business on this site. Many business owners find it to be one of the most time consuming tasks they have put upon themselves, but most will also agree that it is one of the most enjoyable.

When looking for a way to market your business in an efficient and cost-effective manner, social networking sites, such as Facebook, may be just what your business needs in order to survive in this struggling economy.


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