What This Recession is Really Doing to Vegas.

I just came across a post on BoingBoing.net about how cocaine dealers in New York are being affected by this economic downturn as it's called. It's nothing new that pretty much everyone is being affected but none the less interesting. Living in Las Vegas and having been to a few strip clubs, it's easy to see that the strippers are definitely pushier than they used to be and the lines at the clubs are not as long. Put that together with the fact that nightclubs make you wait even if they're empty; having a short line means it's fucking deserted(yes, for all you tourists, you're not waiting because they don't have room for you, and the place is just the shit, you're waiting because the doormen are greedy douche bags and the club owners want it to seem popular).
On the other hand, there are articles out there proclaiming that Vegas is desolate and pretty much saying that everything's in shambles. Look! Things are bad. But, walking the Vegas strip and driving around the city, you can't even tell we're in a recession. There's a lot to be said about our resilience.


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