Political Rant

I hate politicians! In my mind politicians are synonymous with corruption. People vote and speak out and endorse certain politicians thinking that it will make a difference when the only difference it will really make is how and in what way you will get screwed. Sure, Obama will stop us from getting screwed by that douche bag Bush, but only to put in place his own form of the raping of the United States citizens. You know what, lets just hand out money to everyone, I want some money, maybe I should just take out a bunch of loans that I can't pay back, run up my credit and have 25 children, because you know what; there are no consequences. I'm not sure if all you people realize this yet, but you don't go to jail for not paying your bills, or for not paying back the money you borrowed.
If you don't pay the cell phone bill, all that happens is that it gets turned off. If you don't make the car payment, it just gets repossessed, then you just find some other place that will finance you for another car that you don't have to pay for. And if you can find a place to hide your car, like your garage, they can't even get it back, or you can just ship it to another country, bingo. As far as I'm concerned the only good reason to even build good credit is to screw the banks for a shitload of money that they won't be able to get back later. Hey, every corporation does it in one form or another and they even get assistance from our scumbag politicians to do it, and they don't get punished for doing it, just rewarded with more money.


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