Overcoming Writer's block

So I'm sitting next to my rottweiler, watching the movie role models and trying to think of things to write about. After a while of sitting there doing everything except writing, I figured, the best way to fix this is to just start writing, so here I'am. This blog post is going to be about nothing and it's probably gonna be a bad post too. But; I'm writing so problem solved. Although this whole thing may just turn out to be one long ramble; you, the people reading this can learn something very important from this. One; the best way to fix writer's block is to just start writing anything. Two; whenever you want to do something and can't figure out where or how to start, whether it be in business, school, work or relationships; the best thing to do is to just start and not procrastinate. Three; get all the distractions out of the way(unlike me). Don't watch tv while eating cereal and playing with your dog.

How do you get over writer's block?


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