Two million dogs, cats and many other animals are skinned ALIVE in Asia every year. Please try to envision what it would feel like to be skinned while you're fully aware and conscious. Can you imagine the pain and the torment that would engulf your body as your flesh is stripped from your bones. Have you ever pulled even a tiny piece of skin off your body. It hurts! Now just imagine. When I read and saw the videos of beautiful creatures being tortured like that all I could think was "I'm going to kill those Chinese bastards". But I don't want to make this about race. Yes they deserve to die, but that's true of every race, so we won't make it about race. Instead, it should be about the individuals committing this mayhem. Shouldn't this kind of torture only happen in horror movies? I could fly over there, whether it be Canada or China or Norway and murder these people personally but that wouldn't be practical because I'd only be able to kill a few of them before I'm caught or killed myself and this slaughter would still go on after I'm gone. So instead I have to go same route as every other activist and try to raise money and get the word out hoping people will change their ways. So I' will end on this note.
Please do what you can for every creature. Including the ones here at home, even if it is just getting the word out. I will be putting up a donation button so that I can hopefully raise a little money to be able to self market and promote issues like this peacefully of course. God forbid I'm politically incorrect. And give the funds I don't need to a local non kill animal shelter.
Here are some links to help you learn more and form your own opinion:


-When you make a choice, you're making it not just for yourself but for all of mankind.


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