Torture And Kill The Real Animals

Animal rights is a very important topic to me. There's not much to say about this issue that hasn't already been said. There already thousands of blogs, websites, forums and organizations dedicated to helping animals. But it is still evident that human beings are very reluctant to change. To me, animal rights is a philosophical issue. Torturing and hurting animals is just not necessary. And in most cases it's not efficient either.
Animals, just like us, are going to die anyways. Dogs will age and die and tigers will die in the wild, etc. It's bad enough that we consume and exploit animals for our own benefit, but, at the very least give them a decent life up until death, give them a quick and somewhat painless execution and avoid destroying creatures that are on the brink of extinction. Humans are just so careless when it comes to the welfare of creatures that they should be protecting.
If a child gets killed by a drunk driver, everyone's up in arms about it. When a puppy in China gets skinned alive, or a baby seal gets clubbed to death in Canada, no one cares. When, essentially, the child, the puppy and the seal are the same. Their welfare is important to themselves. That puppy is screaming for its mommy as its skin is being ripped from its body. The baby seal is in agony and gasping for breath and all the while it does not know why it's being punished this way. Animals are innocent, bottom line, if you want to torture and kill someone, kill and torture humans. There's way too many of us anyway. In my eyes, humans are disgusting creatures. Our vanity knows no bounds. The incidents of torture are infinite, and almost all of them being committed by people that I would consider inferior to myself and whom ironically consider those defenseless animals inferior to themselves. I would not think twice about murdering and torturing these people, especially if it would save even one animal. The law and only the law is what keeps someone like me from committing these actions. Morality is not an issue for me, I'm somewhat of a Nihilist. But, causing pain and suffering to something that so clearly does not deserve it is just not necessary.


Olivia said...

I honestly don't remember how I arrived at this page, I think it was from MySpace (I have way too many browsers up at once), but I just wanted to say that I couldn't agree more with this blog. Humans "are" in fact the disgusting animals, at least the ones who harm innocent or defenseless creatures in any way, shape or form. I too wish that I could torture and kill the people who torture and kill animals in the exact same way that they did it. Unfortunately and sickeningly, though, the laws protect us humans against those crimes but not animals. But anyway, good writing.

Jimmy said...

Thank you for your comment, and I fully agree with you.

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