A Random Walk

Do you want to feel enlightened even if for just a moment. Do you want to feel in tune with the universe and the world around you. Here's a good way to put everything in perspective. Take a walk through a cemetery. Yeah, I know it may sound odd, but seriously, the amount of freedom and power you will feel may just change who you are completely.
Really knowing and fully realizing that you will die one day is the best way to free yourself from whatever maybe holding you back. But it's not easy. Even I have not completely realized my full potential and I know it, because I'm not living my life to it's fullest. But I do know that the moment you truly realize that you will one day not be here, will scare you to such a point that you will become paralyzed. The point of this is not to scare you. The point of this is for you to realize that you truly have nothing to lose. Why? Because in the end we lose everything anyway.


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