Poker Secrets The Pros Won't Tell You!

1. There's more luck involved than you think. Yup I said it. They insist it's a skill game but take into account every single variable in the known universe and guess what? Everything had to have been just right for what happened to have happened. So please, get over yourselves.

2. I'm by no means an expert on poker, but guess what! No one is!

3. Most of the pros that win tournaments would get destroyed in cash games and vice versa.

4. A lot of the "poker" professionals don't even make a living playing poker any more and couldn't even if they wanted to.

5. Ahem, do you really think they play for keeps on the show High Stakes Poker? I don't know, but it's very doubtful.

- This list will be added to I'm sure, but please leave comments or criticism as to what I may have left out.


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