On Missing Out

The feeling of "missing out" - doing things you wish you could do, or could've done. Only, she has already done it with someone else who is dirty and inferior. And now you're both older, to the point that you have responsibilities that won't allow you to just get away and do those things; among many other reasons. Even if you could have those experiences, it wouldn't be the same, especially not for her since it's not her first time and the novelty is just not there anymore. At this point she would just be doing it "for you". Those moments you would kill to have were given to any random scumbag that happened to be passing through her life at the time. What a shame. No, I've never had sex on a beautiful beach, but thanks for letting me know that you have, love of my life; with a filthy Jamaican peasant street hoodlum that likely had HIV nonetheless. The perfect person to give that moment to. I never in my life thought I was capable of such uncontrollable jealousy.

And you talk about marriage and having children with me. How laughable. As if I would give you the rest of my life when I can't have the best years of yours, because you gave these moments to sub-human males. I'll tell you what sweetie, if we're together when I'm 85, maybe I'll put a ring on it. Maybe.


A Woman That's Slept With a Lot of Men Can Never Truly be Yours - Don't be The Last Man Standing

She's given out pieces of herself to so many men, what can possibly be left for you? Do you really want to be the last man in a long line of cocks that ends up wifing up the leftovers? And ironically, as if the world is playing some kind of joke on you, she expects more from you then she expected from the inferior men before you. At the same time, she gave the best parts of herself to the men that respected her the least. Yet she wants you, the man that will take care of her; the superior man, to show her respect now. Even though you get not quite the best attitude accompanied by a "not as tight as it used to be" body. When in reality, she should be worshiping the fucking ground you walk on for even accepting the rotting carcass she's offering you. 

She doesn't know that every time you fuck her you're thinking to yourself, "god, so many dirty cocks have been in this thing". The cocks of criminals, the cocks of scumbags, the cocks of pedophiles, the cocks of rapists, the cocks of degenerates, the cocks of sub-humans. How many times has she disgraced her race?

But it's okay, because she's not like that anymore. In other words, she doesn't like to have fun anymore. Which translates to; even though you're the best man that's probably ever been in her life, she's gonna just now be old and boring when she should want to share all those fun things with you. You give her the most and she brings forth the least.


That Big Black Cock

Apparently the bbc is in nowadays. I mean, a cock carousel wouldn't be complete without a stint with a few purple penises. Hell, I've met bitches that would never date black men; bitches that are proud of their "Aryan" family tree that have been gang-banged by Africans. Of course, this information only comes out after the trickle truths start to fade a little bit and after you've started getting some feelings for them. Little do they know that doing shit like this makes them more Jewish than Jesus and more black than a motherfucking oil spill. Let it be known that I have no problem with girls getting pounded by multiple "brothers" especially if it's in their past. I only have a problem with it when it's the girl that I'm dating. Although after information like this comes out, the relationship is pretty much over, or on the way to being over, no matter how fucking in love I am.

Nothing is more disheartening than a white supremacist wannabe bitch that betrays her own race. The only thing worse than a racist is a fucking traitor. At least own up to it and continue doing it for god's sake. Don't act like you don't like black men, and that they're not good enough for you now. Their cells are still inside you after all, you're carrying them around and will be for the rest of your life. What the fuck is wrong with you? The best part is the entitlement they continue to have after their past comes out. Demanding shit and threatening to leave and whatnot. No please don't leave, what would I do without you?


I Would Never Have dated You When I Was 25

That's what she blurted out to me yesterday right before I told her that I would never marry her. She proceeded to explain how back then she was attracted to the huge roided out bodybuilder types and how she finds them disgusting now. The truth is so depressing sometimes. I maintained my frame pretty well when she said this; mainly because I only just remembered that she said it about an hour ago. And when I did remember, a blanket of hopelessness and certain despair was thrown over me. 

The truth is, I wanted to weep. I wanted to weep not just because I'm getting the leftovers. But also because her female mind will make sure she never understands. And also because I'm going to have to leave this girl soon if she expects me to invest more into her than I deem her worthy. And I wanted to weep because I honestly feel like she might be lost without me due to her mental illnesses and lack of self control. And I wanted to weep because I know she will fuck men left and right after we break up. I wanted to weep because I fell in love with her no matter how many times I told myself not to. What kind of fucked up game is this?


You Know What? I Don't Wanna Have a Fucking Threesome.

Not even with two girls, not that I'd ever have one with another man since only phaggets do that shit. But, seriously, that kiketry doesn't fascinate me at all. My girlfriend going down on some random whore isn't my idea of a good time, and I find it disgusting that my partner would be okay with me cheating right in front of her. It would also mean she's way too promiscuous for a relationship with me. How does one even go about planning a threesome, especially as a female? I mean, it seems like a lot of effort and planning to go through for something that's supposed to be fun. Do you not have a fucking life?


Speaking From The Heart

I have a nagging feeling that I need to make a lot of money for her. I don't know if it's because she tells me that millionaires offer her lots of money and want to give her everything, or if it's because she says that one day I will be rich and I don't wanna let her down. Why does she not take any of their offers? I don't understand.

It's as if normal men, even above average men can't even compete anymore. I've come to the realization that at any time, some rich faggot can take your girlfriend or wife, or your lover away from you. How fucking sad that is. Hypergamy is always a threat. I know that the world is a horrible place but this is just depressing . There is always a bigger guy, a stronger guy, a richer guy, a more popular guy, a better looking guy, a guy that better fits a certain mood she's in during a fleeting moment or cold, rainy morning after she gets her face tattoo, or a more bad-ass guy. As pathetic as it is, what makes me feel better is knowing that no man is immune to a twelve gauge shell to the chest. I mean, worst case scenario of course.

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